Video 5) Battle Phase - Defensive Dice

Video 2) Improve Economy Phase

Video 4) Battle Phase - Offensive Dice



Video 3) Cities Improvements


Step 1) The player can select any/all of their Infantry pieces, then move them, and then each piece can engage in 1 battle in this order. The military ranks of Private, Corporal, and Lieutenant dictate movement allowance and sphere of attack area.

Step 2) Engage in battle with defending unit or land. Offensive and Defensive players engaged in battle calculate the strength of their armies which allows offensive player to roll up to 6 attack dice, while defensive player can roll up to 7 defensive dice.

Step 3) Acquire Special Event Cards

Step 4) Purchase civilian(s), soldier(s), or city improvements.


Video 6) Victory Points

Video 1) Setting up starting positions

Video 3) Cities Improvements

Step 1)  The player rolls resource allocation dice and all players have chance for their civilization to produce commodities in the form of Steel, Food, and Currency.

Step 2) The player receives a General Event card, which will provide further economic development for this player, receiving additional commodities during their turn.

Step 3) The player can now invest these resources cards collected into the following options: 1) feeding additional civilian workers to build a more robust economy, 2) building more infrastructure with banks, military forts, or barracks, 3) training more soldiers to defend against/attack other players, 4) buy additional land, 4) purchase land fortification to defend against attacks, or 5) cultivate land tile to desired resource type.

Step 4) Tactical movement of population, which allows player to move 1 piece on the board.


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