About our journey

The formation of this project began during New Year’s holiday, 2014. While Mike and Alex were playing their existing board game strategy games, which marks their traditional holiday activities they had begun to realize how stale and uninspiring these games have become.  Demanding more, they soon realized a new game must be born.

Over the course of the last year, Mike and Alex have turned their concepts and ideas of what would make a truly remarkable game into a physical board game version.  Milestones include production of prototype version of the game and selection of play-testers in order to address flaws and weaknesses. Gathering feedback from gamer's to gain an outsider's opinion not directly involved in development of game was a critical step.

Now that we have completed the initial prototype production and gathered our initial round of feedback, we wish to allow gamers with a similar interest as us to experience the game for themselves. We decided instead of waiting on a crowd-funded campaign to make Cost of War available for sale, instead we elected to release Cost of War now. Please be advised there will only be made available a limited quantity of pre-crowd funded copies. Also we are still conducting pre-release versions of play-testing.

The version of Cost of War available for sale includes the highest of quality parts and components available to us. Even though this is a pre-release version we wanted fans of Cost of War to experience the game using the highest quality components for the best gaming experience possible. 

History (milestones and future projections)

December 2014

Mike & Alex decided to develop a war/economic strategy game after realizing the absent of a truly dynamic game in the marketplace.


Designed software version of the game to test rules and flow of game.

march 2015

Completed development of first rudimentary prototype allowing us to materialize the concepts and ideas of the game into a physical game board.

JULY 2015

Selected a group of first round play-testers to provide initial feedback and correct game flaws.

Q4 2016

Identify second round of play-testers, which will test game using pre-release version of game. Play testers must be willing to actively engage with developers and provide constructive criticism. Additionally must be willing to sign a non disclosure agreement.

Q2 2017

Consider changes to game manual and game flow, rules, game pieces, artwork, rule book verbiage, rule book pictures, and any other critiques identified during 2nd round of play-testing.

Q4 2017

Release game for mass-production sales run.​

October 2015

Identified the manufacturing and procurement avenues for game pieces in pre-release version.

Q4 2015

Using critical feedback provided in first round of playtesting, addressed many of the identified flaws in rules and game mechanics.

Q1 2016

Produced pre-release version of CoW in order to continue testing and development with high quality game