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Throughout the history of mankind conflict is at the core of our evolution, evident in each generation with war and expansion of territories to show dominance of one empire over its rivals. Such aggression is not a choice of right or wrong, but is instilled into our DNA through the course of evolution.

This strategy game challenges players to execute military war tactics, allows for population growth, encourages development of city infrastructure to fuel the economy, forces long term rewards to be weighed against immediate benefits, and calls for the management of your civilization's resource expenditure. Winning is a combination of dice rolls and decision making. The key to success is using your economic engine to fuel growth and strategically engage in battles to weaken your opponent and strengthen your dominance on the map. Victory points are gained through killing enemy population, building a city capital, being the peace maker, acquiring special events, and conquering enemy land. No one strategy wins the game but is a combination of several of the victory points to win. 

         Battle                  improve economy         Special events

board Game description 

Adrenaline is one of the world’s most powerful drugs
Distant lands will hear the crack and thud of your rifle’s slugs

               Keys to victory shall not be found on one path
               Instead are held with the keen observer good at math

                                    Steel, currency, and food are the building blocks to expand
                                    Allowing your empire to rise in the sky and control the land

                                                           Experience your opponents’ heartbeat in the palm of your hand
                                                           Feel the weight of responsibility of your civilians whom blindly follow your command

                                                                                  Once the dust settles and the combat results are given a tally
                                                                                  Surely it will give your troops the courage to rally

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